Support ticketing system with integrated online voice calls 和 chat

The foundation of our business at BG视讯APP下载 is — productivity. Achieving the highest level of productivity requires tools that perfectly match your tasks 和 goals. There are many great tools like online chat widgets, various CRM 和 ticketing systems that work really well. But the only way to get the best software that fits your needs without compromise is to design it yourself.

And that's what we did.


'Q' In Its Every Bit

Q is a letter that starts a thous和 words like... Quickly, Quality, Quantity, Qualification, Quantic, Quest, Question, Query, Quiz... 和 QCRM™.

QCRM™ is a customer support CRM system that took us 10 years to design 和 iterate. There were no tools for teams to process high volumes of emails, chats, phone calls. So we thought — why don't we design our own? The new system will help manage huge teams 和 help these teams manage huge workflow of emails. With this motto in mind we designed the first version of QCRM back in 2009. Today in 2019 after countless interactions QCRM™ reaches major version index 5. And here is how it looks:

QCRM - crm system for customer support productivity 和 machine learning
On the screenshot: fragment of QCRM 5 ticket listing sorted by date

PRO Customer Support CRM in a Cloud

The first version of QCRM™ was designed for a team of 3-4 people. While designing QCRM™ 5 we had a team of almost 400 people. Therefore QCRM™ 5 is designed for performance 和 规模. Every detail has been taken into account while designing every button, block, interaction. Everything is aligned to a single concept – increase productivity 和 reduce errors.

QCRM - email ticketing system with machine learning 和 AI
QCRM - email ticketing system with machine learning 和 AI

 QUIDGET™ — Online Chat On Your Webpage

There are many ways to embed an online chat into your website 和 talk to your customers. QUIDGET™ is our take on this popular feature, yet it completely reimagines simplicity 和 productivity that you expect from a software like this. While looking minimalistic, QUIDGET™ delivers faster performance 和 interaction with your customers.

Quidget - online chat with a bot, AI 和 machine learning
On the screenshot: QUIDGET — An Online Chat Widget embedded into a web page (this screenshot has been modified for presentation purposes).

 QOUSTON — Machine Learning 和 AI for Customer Support

Increasing productivity is the next big challenge in any business. Including customer support. QOUSTON is a set of Machine Learning (ML)Deep Learning (DL) technologies that are seamlessly embedded into CRM 和 QUIDGET™. Though it blends into other interfaces 和 is almost imperceptible, it still is a powerful 和 sophisticated instrument that supercharges every interaction with a power of AI. As a result, user makes decisions faster while making less errors. QOUSTON predicts, assists, 和 sometimes even automates some actions eliminating a human interaction completely.

Qouston - Machine Learning 和 AI for Customer Support
On the screenshot: QOUSTON embedded into email reply composing interface. It analyzes incoming email text 和 suggests the best template for a reply.

These all – QCRM, QUIDGETQOUSTON are our unique h和made tools to leverage your customer support efficiency.

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